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Yigit Kocak - Digital Marketing Manager

Yigit Kocak

An experienced full-stack digital marketing manager who undertakes complex tasks with a goal-oriented approach. Possesses seven years of knowledge in the digital marketing mix. Applies planning and analytical skills to meet target ROI, trends, and consumer behavior to optimize outcome. Self-motivation and organization enable him to operate in a fast-paced and challenging setting.




Aug 2017 - Jan 2018

Position: Director of Marketing

Main responsibility was to grow the market share with total control on digital marketing channels. The channels included were partnerships with B2B and B2C vendors, email marketing, user onboarding strategies, SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, ASO, blogger outreach, and content marketing.

Maintained website, app listings (iOS, Android Play, Chrome), directory listings (Capterra,, Getapp etc.), social media, and community in a competitive state through following:

  • Industry trends
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • Content optimization
  • Content update via new releases, features, changes etc.
  • Create, plan, and assign new marketing projects and strategies to the remote team.


  • Increased revenue by 53.53%
  • Increased sessions count by 19.60%
  • Decreased bounce rate by 37.29%



Mar 2014 - Jul 2017

Position: Co-Founder / CMO

Planned and created the business strategy from scratch by conducting a wide research of the industry. Planned and executed the brand, e-commerce website, marketing, and growth strategies to increase brand awareness and growth.

Planned and coordinated 3 industry expo’s, established international partnerships, established information collection, email, social media, organic, and paid marketing channels. Utilized in-house e-commerce systems to access and modify on-site changes into products synchronously.


  • Acquired over 300K users with $10K marketing budget
  • Decreased bounce rate from 35% to 1% indefinitely
  • Created the entire system including the front-end and the back-end



Jul 2011 - Feb 2014

Position: Growth Marketer

Researched, planned, executed, analyzed and optimized the following marketing strategies which consisted of organic and paid search campaigns, consumer behavior and requirements analysis, business partnerships, competitor tracking, social media voice, and targeted content marketing.

Acquired new users by incorporating new and existing techniques of marketing trends. Interacted w/ users via social media and support forum to understand consumer needs and pain points.

Worked with the product focused teams like development, design, customer support, and freelancers to complete large-scale marketing projects including the form templates, widgets, apps gallery, and gamification.


  • Increased user growth from 300K to 1.2M
  • Created and optimized hundreds of unique content including guest blog posts, case studies, form templates and more
  • Planned weekly and monthly marketing strategies to support and inform management


Master’s Degree, IT

University of Hacettepe: 2012 - 2015

Bachelor’s Degree, Statistics and Computer Science

University of Baskent: 2006 - 2010


Foundation Years
Branding 4
Statistics 4.5
UX / UI Principles 5
Programming 5.5
Analytics 6
Marketing Years
DB Querying 2
CRO 2.5
Adobe Suite 3
Copywriting 5.5
Spreadsheet Modelling 5.5
Expertise Years
Mobile 0.5
Viral 1
PR 1
Partnerships 3.5
Email 3.5
PPC 4.5
SEO 6.5
Content Marketing 6.5

Google Certifications

Google Certifications

Hubspot Certifications

Hubspot Certifications