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Yiğit Koçak
Marketing Director

hacettepe university
Hacettepe University
2012 - 2015
Master's Degree in
Information Technology

Participated in 3 group and 2 individual projects related to IT. New concepts about project management systems, game technology, and web development were learned.

baskent university
Başkent University
2006 - 2010
Bachelor of Science Degree in
Statistics and Computer Science

General knowledge of statistics, sampling, computer science, SQL querying, mathematics were learned in this stage of life.

shape high school
SHAPE American High School
2003 - 2005
High School Degree

Attended FBLA for 2 years (Future Business Leader of America). Played percussion in Advanced Band for a year. Studied, socialized and got different points of view from a lot of people.