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5 Reasons to Start Blogging

To understand blogging, I had to start from some point. I asked a lot of questions on why I should start and found 5 reasons to do it.

Be heard

It’s mostly to see if I can get readers > 0 and provide value > 0 from my ideas. The value for me, on the other hand, is having the ability to test and analyze content and improve it in an objective way. I’ll also be happy if people enjoy what I’ve created.

Pass knowledge

From the information I gather with experience, observation, reading, I decode it differently than somebody else and vice versa. I’d like to save people the time that I’ve spent. And help for concepts that they haven’t experienced or are searching for.

Log thoughts

Every action I take and thoughts that I have needs to be logged somewhere. I do mistake a lot, and I’ve done much more in the past. I don’t want to repeat and want to become a better person for myself and for those who surround me. I believe logging will help me realize my weaknesses by being a mirror to my past.

Test effect

I’ve been following marketing gurus, leaders, who’re referred by many for 6.5 years and read how important it is to blog. Now, I want to measure the effect for myself. If I’ll be able to successfully attract a matching audience I will improve the missing parts or test with additional features.

Get feedback

Hopefully, I’ll get enough visitors who actually read this blog. If not, I’ll be trying harder to get better :) Constructive, helpful, honest criticism will be much appreciated. Chat, spam, link bots of any kind aren’t welcome.

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Last updated on Oct 05, 2019 19:00 UTC