Thoughts, tests, and tricks about digital marketing, advertising, and analytics.


Since the first release on Jul 17, 2017, I decided to test every major change that I made. The idea is to constantly learn from user behavior and evolve the website with data-driven decision making. I’ll put any idea that comes to my mind to test and see if it affects anything. Hopefully, some of the results here will help who are interested in some common A/B testing theories.

Current experimentation

Experiment 3
Status Started
Start Date May 30, 2018
End Date
Objective Increase organic search visibility
Method Compare dates of organic traffic without blog vs. with blog
Test Without blog vs. with blog

Previous experimentations

Experiment 2
Status Ended
Start Date Jan 28, 2018
End Date Apr 28, 2018
Objective Increase user engagment
Method A/B test completely different website designs
Test Material design vs. portfolio design
Result Material design won due to no significant impact of portfolio design
Experiment 1
Status Ended
Start Date Jul 24, 2017
End Date Oct 22, 2017
Objective Decrease bounce rate
Method Increase pages per visit with multi-page layout
Test Single page vs. multi-page
Result Multi-page layout decreased bounce rate by 43.04%